Leaflet 19

Feedback Messages

Integra are absolutely excellent they go above and beyond and are just brilliant. These are the words of our client M. Hammond who is insured with Integra.

Our client needed a mac book fixed and called Integra explained what had happened, the staffs at Integra were very helpful and forwarded our client the money for repairs.

However our client had an accident and was unable to get take the mac book to get fixed. They spoke with Integra and they told our client to transfer the money back to them. Once they money was back into Integra’s account they went to our clients house collected the mac book, got it repaired then returned it.

M. Hammond was very happy with her experience and said that ‘I couldn’t recommend them enough, the process was so easy’.

“I continue to recommend LG as to date the company and employees have provided an excellent service with competitive prices.” – J Taylor

“Fantastic service from breakdown company who came out promptly to repair a flat tyre”D Ashford

“Had to claim on my house insurance which LG arranged as I dropped my iron on my carpet. Service couldn’t have been better. One phone call and a photo of the carpet and I had my cheque within a week!”Mrs J Beckinsale

“LG Insurance looks after all our insurance needs from Fleet to public liability insurance, they have a great team of people who provide excellent service and insurance at competitive prices.”Mr S King

Offer Terms & Conditions

Free legal expenses with “Leaflet19”

Legal expenses with a value of up to £50.00 included. The offer extends to policies that have a related legal expenses option. These are Annual Motor, Home and some business policies. Any business policies where the legal expenses premium is higher, £50 will be contributed towards the premium

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While we are working to fix this please ring our alternate number 01708 – 730830.
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